"It's great working with Bart. He's got a hands-on mentality, is extremely dedicated, involved and solution focused. He will not avoid technical challenges but keep going at it until he has a solution for the problem at hand."

Jeroen Klis

Concept & Creation @ 2D Studio

About Me

It all started in 1982, the year I was born. Fast forward to today, you're reading this and wondering who this guy in the photo is. There are a few things that happened in between, but I won't bother you with too much detail, so here's a short summary.

The Short Summary

I get it, you've got stuff to do, and reading this was not on your list of priorities when you woke up this morning. It might be now, but still, it shouldn't have to take long. I mean, honestly, this paragraph is actually already defeating the purpose of having a short summary. It's getting awkwardly long as it is. A list, yes, let's start with a list. Lists are good. Here's a list.

The List

  • Sex: Male
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Current Location: Bali
  • Relationship: Yes
  • Sexual Preference: Yes...?
  • Function: Frond-End Developer
  • Experience: 8 years
  • Is that true: No, it's actually 4
  • Languages: Dutch, English, little bit of Indonesian. German, Spanish and French when drunk.
  • I meant Programming Languages you idiot: I see, my bad. HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, NodeJS. None when drunk.

The Long story short

With a background in Online Marketing I ran an Online Marketing Agency for 6 years. Great fun, but I was missing a platform to explore some creativity.

I had tinkered with HTML and CSS in the past in a futile attempt to make a personal website in the early 2000s. This knowledge came in handy when manipulating sites for SEO purposes, and I started expanding my knowledge of web development for small tweaks on client’s websites. In 2014 me and another bastard went all in and started DigiBastards. Today I’m still the lead developer of this company, but because I’m no longer in Amsterdam all year round I’m available for freelance work all over the planet (preferably this one, but if travel expenses are covered I’m open to discuss other planets as well).

My setup is location independent and I can work nearly anywhere. No matter where you are in the world, if the scope of the project is interesting enough for us both I can meet you wherever for a project kick-off and delivery. You can always claim an hour of my time offline to discuss and brainstorm your project, in person, over coffee or online (I’ll still have coffee if it’s ok with you).


I will be happy to give you a free consultation and discuss your challenges.

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